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the slightest inkling to be politically active or even aware should analyze what he or she eats and what impact those dietary decisions beget. MRR: Im just siying you're alwi veiy accessorized. Now think if suftocation were underground hackers and activists (what creation calls hac- tivism) and you got creation. In retrospect my happiest memory is bundling into the ran and driring off as a guy came out of the Astoria in London and shouted-who are you*?- Flowers in the Dustbin-well you'll nerer play here again-I'm not sure.

Demian: Yes, a major improvement. Even one of the most the most main- stream "child expert" organizations in the States, the American Academy of Pediatrics, says that kids under the age of two should watch no TV! Not too fast, not too heavy, not at all metal - Just right! Totally headbopping mid-tempo DIS-core from PDX (once again, Portland fool). That's punk!" If that's not a bullshit rockstar attitude, what is? Speaking of shows, the almighty faction got togetner for a reunion show in their hometown of San Jose,. To find out more about what Gerard has been up to since the band split, check out. "Lick My Crazy Colours while being rery different frow prerious Flowers In The Dustbin songs, was still a rictory in the erolution of the band's sound. IciimNS scoff at bands like green DAY, NO doubt, and blink 182, they obviously forgot that the LA bands of the '80s (their own bands included) were the ones who paved the way for the later bands who broke into the mainstream.

Mimi Nguyen Tranq s Uke Us * Joe Westmoreland 341 pes.95 Painted Leaf Press PO Box 2480, Times Square Station New Yoiit, New York "In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway. "Ra-moan-aays he says again as he points to my chest. Fiendz were THE fiendhe Flendz classic first album early 7- Inch tracks on one. Gold spiral: 4 USA / 5 forign lease of rged opressed vinyl. Fier boyfriend is right here and he's big. Kevin: Cigarettes you mostly buy in vending machines. Steal It from Borders while youre stealing Maximum and you'll have reading for weeks. Totalitiir very rarely plays live these days, neither do we rehearse on a regular basis anymore. I'll stay in the closet for this one, thank you.

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He asked if I had any Tesco Vee rarities, which I did not. They deal with tough issues on a human level, minus the tangle of dogma or heavy-handedness. Whether it be getting liquid for the band before they hit the stage, or dealing with a promoter thats trying to screw. We came here with that notion. (WN) (Die Hardcore, PO Box 7421, North Arlington, NJ 07031, t) teenage frames - Kingsize Frames EP Energetic punk-power pop is what this seven inch slab of vinyl kicks. Or wait, JBB plays a poppier version of HOT water music. You pretty much get there ready for 2 or 3 groups to stand there, rock out and do their thing. The real world Zapatistas are an odd amalgam of social democracy and Leninism, confined successfully to Chiapas by a limbo war of attrition with the Mexican state. Brian: An alternate universe.

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Groups like crlp and its foreign part- ners that support abortion rights are gagged, even in nations where abortion Is legal, while organizations working to crimi- nalize abortion or to increase restrictions on abortion access are not censored by the.S. When I saw them in Copenhagen nearly two years ago I was pretty floored, and while I was into their ten inch. Dropout, Society Gone Madd, Pinhead Circus, Ann Berctta, Blackbird, Naive, Useless ID, Quarantine. Paul also runs his own distro, specializing in DIY pop- punk. And the White Overalls being targeted for counter-criticism by anarchists sym- pathetic to or part of the Black Bloc.

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I never liked it when bands drink alcohol on stage, I think thats just a no-go for bands or artists (okay, besides Ozzy Osbourne maybe). Other bands are heavy, perhaps even heavier (though I doubt it but listening to a downtuned E string chugging endlessly along does not a good record make, while from ashes rise have the ability to write absolutely crushing music that still manges to be beautiful. Havocrex.iiOM 7"S USA 3 each 2 FOR S5 5 F OR 10/ world 5 PPD LP'S 8PPD USA/ wobld. Of course as soon as I write that there's a couple of thrashy songs with spit/ shout vocals. (RC) (Paranoia!, PO Box 70 1013 Vienna, austria, ) orange island - The Shape of Calling CD I could tell by the extremely cheesy, saves THE DAY-ish looking photo on the back that I likely would not. They had us sign a paper saying everything was there. Reactor 7, TheGodsHateKansas, Futuro Incieno, Showcase Showdown, Waille, Flat Earth Rees. The new tracks on the All The Filth CD were great, so lets hope they get signed soon. (DD) (Astral Anarchy, no address, /astralanarchy).O.S./3-WAY CUM - Split EP Hmm, as far as I knew 3-WAY CUM have been broken up for quite sometime. Superhelicopter LTD from Germany are trashy punk rock.

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Some people dont like this style of music and others do, and all the shows here are the same styles of music played to the same people. I can think of one situation in particular about two years ago. An international outcry for safe food produced without genetic tampering and overproduction cultivates the polit- ical landscape for Jose Bove and Francois Dufour message to flour- ish universally. Now I know Im a youngn, but I know what rock and roll and r b should sound like and none of this is as frantic and soulfilled as it should. Deadline are a great new band that includes ex members of GUN DOG and HC band knuckledust. Regardless, this is more of the scorching Japanese hardcore that people like me have fallen so heavily for. Mike wanted me to ask y* all about the reservation. One really cool, but weird, thing about the tour was that we played with the s and all these bands that are pretty big deals when they come here, but they were like, No way, youre playing last, youre the headliners, youre the big deal. And the oral history of Florida punk shows before the last discount show? I TInNmilIrchliilP/ODIsiiitNtiil OnlorillractaiidgttairMPistor.00 and.

Nellie Nelson Joshua Peach Sandra Ramos Trent Reinsmith Bruce Roehrs Denise Scilingo Will Thundercat Jason Valdez Amy Watson Ryan Wells Jeff Yih Henry Yu zine contribuiors Mykel Board Bill Florio Ted Rail Dave Emory Mark Murrmann Felix Von Havoc Queenie. In 1999, the company, now run by descendants of the original couple, was in a bit of financial trouble, despite being enormously popular in organic circles. But it is lost in a sea of comps that hit the floors every week. Doesnt just fucking totally rip? 6) As usual, send presents and nice letters to me c/o of the MRR PO Box. For us Mexico was a huge shock: a large, beautiful, and rich country but at the same time so poor, so exploited, with high violence, social insecurity, and pollution levels. (PA) (Side One Dummy, 6201 Sunset Blvd, Suite 211, Hollywood, CA 90028, m) THE killing flame - The Dream Dies CD Well produced hardcore with melody, not the so called melodic hardcore. Also, if you check m for Paul Collins you'll find a brand new song ne's written, with the Yum Yums backing him. 14/50939 Koln/Germany collects 26 previously released song, culled from their many 7"s, comp tracks and cdeps. The core idea is to pave the way for huge corporations to decide on issues that affect us all.

Im fumbling for my gas mask, but Im going where Im being told. Org) bobbyteens - Young and Dumb CD Suddenly I need a hot-dog and strawberry shake somethin fierce! Tear IT UP deliver five more songs of hate-filled hardcore that absolutely does not let. The capitalist class (bourgeoisie) owns the means of production. Dues, which in total amounts to 728 million. My purpose in talking about THE casualties isn't so much to defend them, as it is to discuss the bigger picture that is; squabbling amongst ourselves gets us nowhere. There's a twin pronged attack coming at you from Japan! Besides Janis's posicore band, ClTA atieksme, (pronounced tsee-tah aht-ee-x-may) there was an industrial band.

Com r huge punk distro liquidation *ALL types OF punk HC* *CDs, LPs 7V 15 page LISr wholesale prices volume discounts.00 FOR paper list* or email for us one. However, the book's theoretical disorganization is both immediate and apparently deliberate. (JH) (Bootleg, 629 Monroe Rear, Memphis, TN 38103) partisans - So Neat CD EP These No Future legends are the latest 80s oi band to reform. The only thing 1 can come up with is the scene where Hedwig is wearing a cut-up t-shirt that is factory printed with the words punk rock in bright letters with some geometric new wave design as a back- ground. MRR: Both Pepe and you are fathers, is it possible to be parent and punk?

1 just try to write pop songs like the Beach Boys but of course it's gonna sound a lot different. But the lyrical word play con- founds the listener with bright and colorful iwages creating another juxtaposition so cowwon in wany of their wore anthewic songs. During the war I spent weeks organizing demonstrations against the war. That's my identity for the moment. There's Turns and Ibuprofen MRR: And a Soma Chris: shut UP' These guys are gonna roll me in the parking lot for my drugs MRR:. Christian Online Dating Sites Canada Ilmaiset, seksi, videot Pohjois, pohjanmaa Keski, suomi - Seksitreffit seksiseuraa Pohjanmaa suomesta ruotsiksi Kyselyn vastauksista tiettyjen toimia noin naispuoliset kollegasi samasta tai hyvin samanlaisia skenaarioita voidaan pelata pois.

(RD) 1603 / 7th Ave S / St Cloud, MN 56301 toxic flyer fanzine #31 / 3 1 1 X 8 - offset - 64 pgs There are Interviews with the bands Motorchrlst, Adolf and the Piss Ants, The Yo-Yo. As you hear it: Move your A_s! This band from Washington DC grinds out some fucking fierce metal core. If this boats a rochin. Bought a NEO boys from him.

But me and my twelve cats and Hiisker Dii records will be all the happier for. As if those two albums weren't enough, the brand new king brothers album is finally out, care of, you guessed. 1289 Browning Ct / Lansdale, PA 19446 saucer attack #1 6 / stamp Smart ass Italian one-pager crams in an interview, demo reviews, music news, and similar crap. 1000 4" X 4" for 99! Getting back to the root of the question, wc think that the growing of anarchism must come from several ways and were just a small grain of salt and to top it off were playing the music. They definitely fit nicely into the growing coalition of Detroit bands that make up a new post garage, punk blues renaissance. (nalbeatdown.com) course OF action - "Carving Our Way By Teasing Our Faith" CD - Hmm, dare I say metal emo?

Sound like shit Once Upon the Metal 7: Crazed Japanese hardcore violence! Others have already bemoaned it's very existence but that so-called West Coast Punk documentary Rage fucking sucked so much ass. We also had the Taiwanese liquor. Yori from the Lottie Collins, who was pretty much our manager. Chris: I think they like it if you call it Frisco (laughs). Work some of the proper (early) releases before you dip into this. Out to "Six Weeks" thanksi* ' We also distribute hardcore punk from around the globe for the cheapest prices send a sase or an email for a complete catalog: Were distributed by Mordam: m SIX weeks; 225 Lincoln Avenue/Cotati.

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